Service Dog Stolen At Walmart Reunited With Owner

After having her precious dog stolen at Walmart during a routine shopping trip, the heartbroken Deborah Cyr spent all week desperately searching for Emmy Lou. She was begging anyone to help her search for her baby.

dog stolen at walmart

When Deborah needed help with some medical issues, she was introduced to Emmy. She first met Emmy at an animal rescue where she was matched with a senior dog. From the moment they connected, the two have been inseparable ever since. For six years, Emmy has been a vital member of Deborah’s life. Not only does she help alert her to any potential problems with sleep apnea, but she also alerts her when anyone knocks at the door or when the telephone is ringing.

Emmy is always by Deborah’s side. She takes Emmy with her on all of their adventures and this time was no different when they went grocery shopping together at Walmart. Emmy was tied to the side of her cart just like always. She walked alongside Deborah throughout the store but sadly, something unexpected happened.

dog stolen at walmart

When they were in line at the checkout, Deborah stepped away from her cart for a brief second to grab some refreshment. The second that Deborah stepped away from the cart, a woman swooped in and made her move. The Walmart surveillance video captured an unknown woman approaching the cart and untying Emmy and hurriedly running off the store with Emmy in her arms.

“Security tapes showed the woman just bent down, unleashed her from the harness, and bolted out the door. I didn’t know she had been stalking us throughout the store and had attempted to take her before but I turned around too quickly,” Deborah Cyr said.

When Deborah returned to the cart, Emmy was nowhere to be found and she had no idea where she could have gone. That’s when a fellow shopper said they saw a woman running toward the door with a dog in hand, leading to Deborah making an attempt at stopping her but unfortunately the woman had already escaped. “I just grabbed my purse and I took off after her yelling Emmy’s name. If Emmy wasn’t being held, she would run back to me. Her breed can run incredibly fast, but she didn’t stand a chance,” Deborah Cyr said.

dog stolen at walmart

The Walmart employees were quick to review surveillance footage and get in contact with local authorities. Police quickly put out a description of the thief, allowing them to spread the word about this person across their community. On the following day, Deborah spent all her time searching for Emmy and hanging posters of the woman on every corner. The police soon received a tip that led them in the what they are looking for.

Authorities were able to track down and corner the dog-napper in record time. Emmy was shaken up from her experience but thankfully she was not harmed. The woman who was already on probation for a previous theft has now been charged with misdemeanor theft by unauthorized taking. She has been taken to a local corrections facility for pending arraignment.

Emmy and Deborah are back to their normal routine, but Deborah is so thankful for the safe return of her pup. She cannot imagine how she could have survived another moment without this amazing companion by her side. “I can’t think of any other words to say other than that it’s just so unbelievable to have her back. I was so worried about my girl, and here she is on my lap again”, Deborah Cyr said.

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