Family Dog Saves Missing Toddler From Cold

In Cordes Lakes, Arizona, 3-year-old Victoria, went missing for 15 hours and managed to survive thanks to the family dog. Victoria escaped into the woods and the girl’s family was terrified of what could have happened to her. Search and rescue teams were sent out to find the missing toddler.

According to her family, Victoria had gone to find one of her family’s dogs, Rusty, but he was actually inside the house. She left with another family dog, Blue, and the two wandered off for hours. Victoria was barefoot and had no coat on when the temperatures dipped down into the 30’s overnight.

One day after Victoria went missing, a helicopter spotted her and Blue lying in a dried-up creek bed. Rescuers saw Blue keeping her warm.

When medics arrived to retrieve Victoria, Blue was doing all that he could to protect the little girl and would not let any strangers near her until she stood up and smiled at the medics. The two were safely returned in the helicopter.

dog saves missing toddler Family Dog Saves Missing Toddler From Cold

Victoria survived thanks to Blue, and only suffered from frostbite.

“The dog kept her alert, warm and gave her companionship throughout a very cold night,” a spokesman for the sheriff’s office said.

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