14-Year-Old Rescued By Dog After Being Lost At Summer Camp

Juan Heriberto Trevino, 14, was separated from his group while attending summer camp in Mexico’s Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range. Juan was looking for firewood when he slipped and fell down a ravine. Juan was lost for almost two days and a dog named Max never left his side.  Max received credit for helping to save Juan’s life.

Juan had just met Max a short time ago at the camp. As luck would have it, Max had been following the boy and when Juan fell. Max, the loyal Labrador went down after him. Juan was injured and disoriented and couldn’t find his way back to camp.

They took shelter under a tree. The night air was frigid, and Juan said he put Max on his legs and hugged the dog to stay warm. The next day, the two crossed the rugged terrain to try and find the camp. Max found a puddle of water, and they both quenched their thirst.

Juan survived his 44-hour long ordeal with Max by his side. Eventually, Juan and Max were found by two men on horseback and were airlifted to safety.

“It is very easy to get lost in that part of the mountain and Juan was very lucky to have had the dog with him, ” said Martin Castillo, deputy director of the local police.

The Trevino family was very grateful to the dog for saving their son’s life, and they wanted to adopt Max.

But Max already has a family and will stay with his owners in the mountains.

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