Rescuers Save Dog Who’s Owner ‘Forgot’ To Feed Him

Benji’s life was not a very good one. He was found chained up and had only the concrete to sleep on. His owner would “forgot” to feed him, and he was nothing but skin and bones. Thankfully, this would not be the only life he would know.


When rescuers showed up with food in hand, Benji thought it was a trick and that he would get kicked for trying to eat. Benji’s condition was absolutely heartbreaking, so they drove him to Vet Point as soon as possible for a checkup.


Benji was taken to his foster home where he made his first doggy friend and found out that not all humans are cruel. He was now ready for a forever home.

Benji is now unrecognizable. He has a new mommy and forever home, and is in the best shape of his life! His tail never stops wagging.

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