Husky Left Baffled As Owner Plays Disappearing Trick On Him

A dog was left astounded by a magic trick that seemed to make his owner disappear.

This is the adorable moment Sandra Pettersen tricks her Siberian husky Jax, 3, into thinking she’s disappeared at their home in Woolwich, London.

husky sheet trick

The 23-year-old holds up the sheet in front of herself before throwing it into the air and running off into the hallway

husky sheet trick

Sandra, originally from Norway poses with the pooch on a street in London. Jax has his own Instagram page with over 40,000 followers

husky sheet trick

The dog is distracted by the sheet in the air. When it falls to the floor, the confused pooch seems baffled and searches for his owner

Jax then jumps from the couch and looks around the room to find his owner in hysterics as she emerges from behind the door and crouches down to embrace him.

The video was posted on Jax’s Instagram page, which now has over 40,000 followers, captioned: ‘What the!? Where did you go?’

The clip has racked up 20,000 views from his adoring followers who vowed to do the same on their own pets.

husky sheet trick

Where are you? Jax can’t work out where his human is and right, she appears in hysterics after the dog searches the room

Sandra, a medical student at the University of Westminster, said: ‘I didn’t want people to get annoyed with the number of pictures I was sharing on social media of him, so I set up an Instagram account in August, last year.

‘Since then we have had an amazing response.’

husky sheet trick

Jax with Sandra’s boyfriend Sam in Norway. Sam is in the Royal Anglian Regiment and spends a lot of time away in Nigeria. Right, a cute snap of Jax with Sandra

She lives in an apartment in Woolwich with her boyfriend Sam who is in the Royal Anglian Regiment and is frequently away training the Nigerian Army in Nigeria.

The couple has said that they bring Jax with them wherever they go, even on their annual trip to Norway, where Sandra is originally from.

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