German Flight Attendant Rescues Stray Dog In Argentina

This is one of the saddest stories, with one of the happiest endings.

Olivia Sievers is a flight attendant from Germany. One day while traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina, she noticed a stray dog near her hotel. She fed the little guy and played with him for a while. She even named him Rubio.

Then Rubio followed her to the hotel. For the next six months, Sievers would travel back and forth, each time staying at the same hotel where Rubio would be, right outside her door. If she was there for days at a time, Rubio would sleep outside.

It was almost as if he was waiting for her. But how did he know she would be there?

As she got to know Rubio, like anyone else would, Sievers wanted to help him to a greater extent. She arranged for Rubio to be adopted by someone in Buenos Aires. Would you think getting him a forever home would solve things?


Rubio escaped from his new home and went right back to the hotel. What was Sievers to do? The only thing she could do; she made things official.

The flight attendant adopted Rubio and took him home to Germany with her. Sometimes you go out looking for a furry companion, and sometimes he’ll find you.

We can only imagine that the life Rubio had before he met Sievers wasn’t too great, considering he clung to that first small gesture of affection. However, as you’ll see in the video below, the precious dog has found true happiness with her.

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