Abused Dog Shrieks In Fear Of Rescuers. Then The FBI Gets Involved With Finding Animal Torturers

Anyone who has owned a dog or any animal knows that these pets will become a part of your family.

Although they’re not human, they deserve all of the love that a human does. They’re innocent creatures who just want to live happily, usually with a human by their side.

That’s why it’s heartbreaking to ever hear about any type of animal abuse. And why it’s so amazing to hear about this FBI initiative.

As of January 2016, the FBI decided to join forces with local police forces in order to catch more animal abusers and all abusers in general.

After a study done by Chicago Police, they found that 65 percent of animal abusers also harmed humans.

The connection is real, and clearly, these disturbed people need to be caught.

Being able to report animal abusers into the same system as rapists and murderers can now help the FBI track down, dangerous people.

This is something that I have faith will help catch some of these bad guys one day soon. And it’s amazing to see that dogs and animals of all kinds are getting a chance at justice, too.

We should all be thankful for this combination of forces and all of the rescuers out there who take these poor babies away from harm.

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