Rangers Hear Animal Crying In Marshy Area, Then Find Shivering Dog Chained To Cinder Block

Park rangers on patrol around Longview Lake in Kansas City, Missouri, were alarmed when they suddenly heard an animal crying. They rushed over to a marshy area and found an unbelievably appalling sight: a shivering, muddy, and wet dog who’d been chained to a cinder block and left to die.

He needed immediate attention, which he got from animal control officer Tonya Hampton. She deduced that this had been done intentionally: Someone had deliberately tied the poor animal to the concrete block to kill him.

The lab-shepherd mix was checked out by vets, who are still mystified by the dog’s condition. He was neutered and well fed. His coat also showed signs that he was groomed, meaning he’d been cared for at some point in his life.

The dog, who was later named Deputy, will soon be up for adoption. Hopefully, he will find a loving family and a forever home in no time at all!

Despite his good health and the bright future ahead of him, officers are still trying to find the person responsible for attempting to harm Deputy. While the circumstances under which the pup was found are quite mysterious, officers are just glad he’s been making a marvelous recovery.

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