Sad Shelter Dog Thinks It’s Another Lonely Day, But Has No Idea His New Mom Is Standing Outside

For a dog named Drove, the day felt like any other at the shelter. He lay on his comfy pillow, curled up in a nap, bored and indifferent. After all, it wasn’t as if someone would come and adopt him, anyway.

In October 2016, a cruelty investigator found the 5-year-old terrier mix tied up inside an abandoned house, neglected and frightened. Drove was transferred to the Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby (HSM&S) and became a favorite among the staff there. However, for six long months, potential adopters kept passing him over. Day after day, month after month, Drove went without a family.

But on a particular day in the video below, the cameras were rolling for the best reason ever. “He’s just sleeping so sweetly with no idea he’s going to be going home soon!” the staff member exclaims. That’s right — on this particular day, Drove is going home.

Before they married, Morgan’s beloved 13-year-old boxer passed away, and she desperately missed having a dog. Luckily, her new husband Tyler was all in, and they both wanted to rescue a formerly abused pet. In April, Morgan, and Tyler returned to the shelter to pick up Drove.

Just wait for the triumphant moment he’s walked out of the kennel and over to meet his new parents, who renamed him, Samson, aka Sammy.

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