Cop Found Baby Squirrels on the Road And Made New Friends

Trooper LaVonte Lee of the New York State Police noticed something strange the other day on the road in Ithaca, New York. The cop found baby squirrels in need of help.

Lee realized he had to stop. The squirrels were hesitant to leave Lee’s side after he carried them off the road. Instead, they perched themselves on Lee’s arm.

Cop Found Baby Squirrels

The infant squirrels had found the right person to help them, and they seemed to recognize it.

“Lee swooped in to save the day,” wrote the police department. “It appears that he has gained some new acquaintances.”

Cop Found Baby Squirrels

The most common reason why newborn squirrels end up on the ground is due to their nests being disturbed. Experts recommend returning them to their original location. Of course, that’s what Lee ended up doing!

Squirrels appear to have built a nest in one of the trees nearby. She will discover them there thanks to their father’s care.

He probably won’t soon forget the call to duty he received from his superiors.

Cop Found Baby Squirrels

On the internet and among his fellow officers, Lee has garnered much-needed praise for his heroic acts on the day of the shooting.

According to a police spokesperson, “one of the primary values of the New York State Police is to safeguard life and property.” It doesn’t matter how big or small the project.