12 Dog Breeds For Children

There’s nothing like the joy of watching your kids grow up and become best friends with a dog sibling. You’ll want to make sure that you choose one who likes children though because this is something they will share forever.

Most dogs love children, but some can’t stand them. There’s tons of love in watching the bond between you two strengthen from friends to siblings. If you want to find the perfect dog for your child, We’ve got just what you’re looking for. Here are the best dog breeds for children.

1. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a popular breed that loves playing with its pack members. Labs are always ready to go, whether it’s a swim or a run. They love being outdoors and can keep up with the little ones in their playtime.

dog breeds for children

2. Mutts

In the quest to find a perfect dog for you and your family, please don’t forget about mixed breeds. Consider adopting awesomely loyal mutts. Just remember that mid to large size mixed breeds are generally better suited as children’s pets.

dog breeds for children

3. Old English Sheepdog

You can’t go wrong with this affectionate and loving working dog. It’ll make the perfect house pet if you have small children who are always running late for school. If you want a dog that is always ready for anything, the Sheepdog might be just what your family needs. This furry friend has been called an athlete filled with energetic clownishness.

dog breeds for children

4. Beagle

The Beagle is a breed of dog that has been ranked among the best in many categories. It loves being active and will have quite an enjoyable time playing with its family members, making this pup perfect for kids. The Beagle is a smart and affectionate pup who will be your kids’ best friend. Just like children, they can be stubborn so have fun teaching them new things.

dog breeds for children

5. Dogue de Bordeaux

Despite being called a “dodder” for their tendency to drool, the Dogue de Bordeaux is actually rather affectionate and loyal. This French Mastiff is a gentle, protective breed that will be sure to guard your family with its slobbery kisses. This hound checks all the boxes when it comes to the best dogs for children.

dog breeds for children

6. Mastiff

This large and gentle breed of dog instantly bonds with its family. This breed can be great around children, making it an ideal pet for families. The Mastiff is one of the best dogs breeds for kids because it’s loyal, protective, and very active. It will most likely knock down any intruder to make sure their pack is safe from harm until help arrives.

dog breeds for children

7. Golden Retriever

Active, energetic, and friendly are just a few words to describe the most popular dog breed in America. They’re intelligent eager to please with an infectious love for playtime.

dog breeds for children

8. Newfoundland

These gentle giants are wonderful family dogs. They love to play and cuddle, but what they really excel at is being your workhorse: pulling around the kids in a sled on snowy days. Another evidence that the Newfie should be on any list of best dog breeds for children: Nana from Peter Pan was a fluffy Newfoundland.

dog breeds for children

9. Dalmatian

The Dalmatian is a people-oriented play aficionado. With their spots and cuteness, they will be an incredible addition to any family. The Dalmatian is a dog breed that loves to play with children all day long and then tuckered out in the evening. If your home includes horses, this pup will have an especially close symbiotic relationship with them too.

dog breeds for children

10. Boxer

One of the most affectionate and people-oriented breeds is a Boxer. They are playful, energetic dogs who love to have company nearby. The Boxer needs plenty of exercises and playful interaction. Kids are always up for playtime, which means they can be great company.

dog breeds for children

11. Collie

These long-haired dogs are some of the best family pets around. They’re known to herder, and love running with kids or taking care of them when it is time for bed. Collies make great companions.

dog breeds for children

12. Boston Terrier

These tuxedo dogs always look sharp, and they’re great playmates. These “American Gentlemen” teach children how to act refined as well as have fun!. Charming and intelligent Boston terriers will make your kids fall in love with them right away-.

dog breeds for children

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