Cat Runs Out Of His House To Chase Mailman Every Day To Demand Attention

If you know anything about cats, you probably don’t immediately think they are social animals.

Even if you grew up with affectionate cats, it’s not often you meet a cat that loves a total stranger. They are usually very skittish when they are introduced to people they don’t know.

I have one cat who refuses to come out from under the bed when someone new comes over to visit. It usually takes some coercing from her best cat friend and a handful of treats to get her out.

But that isn’t every cat! Levi Davis, a worker for New Zealand Post, has evidence of this. Every day on his mail route, Levi comes across a friendly cat.

In a video posted to Facebook, the happy cat can be seen chasing Levi down once he’s spotted him and then leading Levi over to a post where Levi can put the mail away and give the cat some affection.

“My little buddy,” Davis wrote online. “Everyday I do the mail run this cat comes to see me … regardless of the weather.”

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