Kangaroo Rescue In A Freezing Lake By Two Strangers- Before Offering One Man a Handshake In Return

kangaroo rescue

A tired and frightened kangaroo is rescued by two men determined to show that even in the middle of a storm they will never be alone.

A heartwarming image has been portrayed with this story about how two guys went into chilly waters for an exhausted animal who needed help from his human companions.

David Boyd shared the kangaroo rescue footage to Facebook after he had seen a kangaroo stuck in Lake Burley Griffin’s freezing waters on Tuesday morning.

Two men jumped in and carefully approached the shivering kangaroo to grab it

The video showed two men slowly moving towards the frightened kangaroo in water with their arms out, calling for it to come closer.

kangaroo rescue

There, the little roo could be seen shivering while looking at both men who were carefully approaching. As soon as the man on the left reached out to grab the kangaroo, it began throwing its arms around in fear.

The two men were able to grab the panicked roo and lift it onto a promenade, where another man was waiting for them. As many passers-by watched on, the third man tried to calm it down.

kangaroo rescue

The three men managed to calm the kangaroo as it extended its arm towards one of them in what Mr. Boyd thought was a way of showing appreciation.

‘Aw, he’s thanking ya,’ Mr. Boyd can be heard saying behind the camera.

kangaroo rescue

Boyd wrote on a social media platform that the kangaroo was a little shocked and it took about 30 minutes for the animals to rejuvenate. Many users praise the men for jumping in and saving the roo.

‘That has made my day.’ one user wrote.

While another said: ‘Omg that’s so amazing! Thank goodness people were around to see him in there or he would’ve frozen.

Kangaroos that are injured, sick or afraid will become defensive if they’re approached and may be dangerous. Instead of approaching the animals, it is advisable to call authorities such as WIRES wildlife kangaroo rescue for assistance.