This Adorable Baby Skunk Is Making People’s Hearts Flutter

With the arrival of spring comes a new season for wildlife rescues. The height of the baby season, this time is bustling with life at every corner in nature’s forest. Skunks are among the cutest newborns, but not everyone will want to cuddle them at first.

In a video shared this month, Wild Heart Ranch introduced its new rescued resident: an adorable jet-black baby skunk. The video has come with some major appreciation for just how adorable these little creatures are.

The video shows a caretaker holding the baby skunk in her hand. Her pink belly is full of milk and she waves joyfully as if beckoning someone over to come to play.

This little skunk is clearly in a great mood. You can tell she’s not yet mastered her spraying skills because kids this young usually don’t start learning how to properly use them until three months old. Adults will only spray when threatened or scared though.

baby skunk

Baby skunks have often left orphans this time of year. The babys’ mothers may be injured or killed and the babies must find their own way to survive with no one around them for protection, warmth, or guidance.

There are many reasons why animals die in the wild. Predators and traffic all play a part – but it’s not just these that can take an animal away from their family forever; environmental factors sometimes like flooding has devastating consequences for wildlife too.

baby skunk

Since these little ones can’t survive on their own, Director Annette King has stepped in to take care of them as if they were still back in the forest. Unless one of the kits is gravely sick or disabled with a major disability, the kits will be successful at returning back into their natural habitat.

The floods in Northeast Oklahoma have caused the skunk dens to flood, which resulted in babies perishing. So far King has taken care of one kitten that survived this tragedy.

King has her hands full with this fluffy, sometimes stinky baby. The cuteness makes up for it though. King will take good care of this baby until the baby is old enough to be released back into the wild.

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