After Too Many Foster Fails, This Rescue Now Helps Alpacas Heal

Randy and Leslie Noble began their rescue by just fostering dogs. The problem was, they fell in love with every foster they took in and ended up giving the dogs a forever home!  

The Nobles have now opened a nonprofit in Florida devoted to helping animals in need called the Noble Island Ranch & Rescue.  They have opened their home to a multitude of animals, including Michelle, an alpaca.

When Michelle and her herd of alpacas, were rescued, her back legs were totally crippled. Michelle isn’t the first animal to need special attention due to a disability. Randy and Leslie were determined to help her.

The Nobles teamed up with Red Flyer and Eddie’s Wheels for Pets in order to get Michelle back up on her feet.

Michelle was put on a regiment of stretching and mobility exercises when she first got to the ranch.

The plan was this: strengthen her hind legs just enough for her to begin using a wheelchair, and get her to eventually be strong enough for patella surgery.

Michelle was measured for the wheelchair made especially for her by Red Flyer and Eddie’s Wheels for Pets.

The wheelchair was fitted with a wide belly band for lifting and balance, and a harness to attach her to the wheels.

It took some getting used to, but Michelle was eager to get back up on her feet.

Michelle gained strength and confidence over time and her owners were able to lift her from behind.  She used her two front legs to walk out to the field to join her alpaca family. The ability to graze and be with her herd was a big motivator.

Sadly, the staff working with Michelle at the University of Florida Large Animal Hospital had some bad news about Michelle’s surgery.

“The staff at UF absolutely adore her, but unfortunately, surgery turned out to not be an option,” the Nobles explained.

Her wheelchair was never meant to be a permanent solution, it enabled Michelle to keep up with her fellow alpacas.  Even though surgery was off the table, Michelle was both happy and healthy now that she was able to play with the herd.

“When we watch these animals interact like this, it provides a significant level of inner peace. Very hard to describe how being a part of this makes you feel,” the Nobles proudly stated on their Facebook page.

Michelle is one-of-a-kind, but sure looks happy to be a part of her alpaca family and is very fortunate to have been placed in the caring hands of Randy and Leslie.


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