To Survive On The Streets Abandoned Dog Ate Rocks And Twigs

Alex, the Weimaraner, was so emaciated, no one believed he would make it He survived on rocks and twigs and was found wandering the streets. Alex was brought in for immediate medical attention. Despite being glad he was rescued, he was a little fearful. He finally had a chance for a new life with food, a warm bed, and people to love and care for him.

Alex had the most piercing gaze when his rescuers picked him up. He just melted with a few ear scratches and was happy to go with them.

When he arrived at the vet’s, they discovered what was wrong with his poor tummy, which suddenly flopped shortly after being taken into care.  He had to have surgery immediately, and once he was out of surgery, he was taken home by his foster mom to help improve his continued recovery.

He gained ten pounds within the first ten days. He also fell in love with his other Weimaraner siblings, as they helped him to play, run around, and even shared their toys with him.

They all get into trouble together where they tear their stuffed toys apart and fill the entire living room with stuffing. That wasn’t enough to deter his foster mom, who eventually adopted him for good.

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