Dog Forced To Grow Up In A Rust Box Gets Emotional When She Touches Grass For The First Time

It’s nearly impossible to believe that anyone could actually be intentionally cruel to one of our beautiful canine friends. But unfortunately, there really are people out there who abuse their animals just because it gives them a sense of power over another living thing.

Little Liszka is a beautiful dog that was forced to grow up in the worst of circumstances. Since she was a tiny puppy, her abusive owner forced her to lie in a tiny rusty cage surrounded by her own droppings. For months and months, she was cooped up in this tiny cage and knew nothing of the outside world for so long. She was so stationery that her back legs actually began to seize up from lack of use.

While it’s terrible that her awful human abused her so horrifically, we can all be thankful that a group of rescuers happened to come across the poor animal begging for love. Her human was so aggressive to the rescue team that they actually had to call the police for help.

Since then, baby Liszka has been surrounded by humans who actually know how to treat their animals with respect. And while her legs are still in the process of healing, as she strengthens herself up and gets back to health, doctors are hopeful that she’ll be back to normal in no time! Meanwhile, her abusive human is facing some hefty animal abuse charges — justice will be served!

Liszka was actually horrified of all humans when she was first rescued, but when you look at her face nowadays? It almost seems like she’s laughing because she loves the feeling of the earth under her paws so much! For anyone who doesn’t believe that animals have emotions, you might want to watch this precious angel.

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