What Is Puppy Blues And How Can You Handle It?

It’s no secret that having a new puppy can be quite disruptive. You’re trying to figure out whether this was a good idea or not. Can you take him back to the SPCA? Was this whole thing a mistake?

puppy blues

Welcome to the “puppy blues.”

It’s no surprise that new puppy owners can feel down in the dumps. Having “the puppy blues” is similar to postpartum depression. Did you know that the overwhelming feeling of being a mother to an animal is similar to what it feels like with human babies? New moms struggle with the same issues, regardless of species.

puppy blues

If you’re feeling down because of the puppy blues, don’t worry, You aren’t alone and these feelings will pass and there are plenty of ways you can make things better.

What is ‘Puppy Blues’?

The signs of puppy blues are also known as post-partum puppy depression. No, this isn’t an actual psychiatric condition but it does seem to be a struggle for many new owners after adopting their pup – characterized by sadness and other difficult feelings like anxiety or exhaustion. It can happen right after you bring your puppy home, but it’s also possible that this will be set in a few weeks or months later.

Symptoms Of ‘Puppy Blues’:

The symptoms of puppy blues vary depending on the person, but two common ones include sadness and anxiety. New puppy owners often expect to feel sheer joy about their new pets. Instead, you might find yourself feeling really down in the dumps and you might find yourself crying often, eating less, and sleeping even less. You’ll have trouble focusing on the task at hand.

puppy blues

When you’re feeling all sad and anxious, it’s hard not to feel regret. You might be thinking: “Maybe it was a bad idea for me to get a puppy.” “I wish I’d thought this decision through more.” “Am I a horrible person if I give my puppy back?”

Causes of Puppy Blues

It’s hard to deal with puppy blues. Unlike other types of depression, the causes are directly related and can be traced back at least partly to how you’re raising your pup.

Adopting a new pup is fun

The idea of the puppy blues is completely unfathomable to those who have never raised a pup. How could you ever resist the cutest puppy in your life? They’re playful, loving, and always there for unconditional love. It’s no wonder that most people adopt puppies. It may not be easy or fun at all the time, but in the long run it totally worth it.

puppy blues

It can also be really difficult

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced dog owner or new to the world of canines, raising a puppy is no easy task. A puppy is an amazing new addition to your life, but it comes with quite a bit of responsibility. It’ll make enormous demands on your time, finances, emotional energy, and physical energy. Plus, Being 100% responsible for another creature’s life can be incredibly stressful.

puppy blues

The puppy blues are likely caused by the physical and emotional changes that take place when you become a new dog parent. You may develop puppy blues if you have a history of depression or any other major life stressors in your past.

Ways to handle Puppy Blues

Countless people have felt this way before and made it through the experience, so you can too. No one said raising a puppy would be easy. But with the right strategies and support system, you can make it an enjoyable experience.

puppy blues

After bringing home your new pet, you might find yourself in survival mode. You might feel like giving up, which can lead to bad training techniques that only make things worse in the long run. Take a break from the action. Take some time to research strategies that your pup hasn’t tried before. Some ideas for training your dog include crate training, increased exercise, and doggie daycare. Ask a professional if you need help—they can make sure that both of your furry friends get along well with one another.

Don’t take it out on your Puppy

It’s important not to take your puppy’s actions personally. Even if he did just pee on your favorite pair of shoes, I promise that the puppy isn’t smart enough to spite you intentionally. Even though we all lose our tempers with pets sometimes, yelling and intimidating should never be a regular pattern. You may think this will teach your puppy right from wrong but it’s not good for them in the long run.

puppy blues

Be Patient

We all know it’s not going to be sunshine and rainbows with dog ownership. The best way to deal with your rambunctious puppy is by being patient and kinder to yourself. The time will come when you’ll be missing these days. Wild, I know.

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