New Owners Realized Just What Abused Dog Needed

Adopting a rescued pet is not the easiest thingn to do. It isn’t always as easy as people might think. It requires patience, understanding, and communication to put the animal at ease.

Most rescued animals have suffered or been abused in their previous homes.  They need specialized care before they are ready to be a part of a forever family.

Lou was adopted from a shelter after he was taken from an abusive owner and it would take a long time for him to acclimate.

When Lou was first rescued by his new adoptive family, the Italian greyhound was very shy and stayed away from other dogs and strangers.

The family knew full well that Lou needed to experience something new and special if he was ever going to come out of his shell the way that they were hoping he would. Unfortunately, getting through to him was difficult. That’s when they had a novel idea—one that was typically reserved for jet-setters and celebrities.

Lou’s family decided to take him to the Hamptons for vacation! Once there, they figured they would be able to gain his trust and make it easier to transition into trusting them. Once they arrived at Amagansett, Lou met his new friend: a bulldog named Buddha!

Lou was shy at first, but not long after, they got a glimmer of hope after he slowly warmed up to Buddha. Things were looking better than they’d expected.

Lou had taken a special liking to Buddha and would follow him around. Buddha was now his best friend!

Lou and Buddha were just like old buddies! They would lounge together outside, soak up the rays and work on their suntans. Clearly, Lou’s family made a good decision by bringing him to meet Buddha.

They had the idea to bring Lou to the beach for the first time in his life. Just look at him admiring the view!

Lou’s family took lots of photographs of him to document the momentous occasion. See how happy he looks feeling the warm sand underneath his paws?

Now that Lou was out of the animal shelter, it was clear that Lou was just an average, happy-go-lucky pup who loved doing nothing more than to kick back and relax.

When Lou came home from his first day at the beach, he just curled up in his bed and fell asleep. He was finally getting to experience what it was like to be a dog with a loving and adoring family.

The photographs Lou’s adoptive family took in the following months truly depicted how happy he was with his brand-new life. He couldn’t help but smile every single time they brought out the camera to snap a picture!

Looks like that trip was just what Lou needed to get out of his shell. He relaxed and enjoyed life again, and even got to make a new friend!


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