Baby Rhino Rescued From Poachers After His Mother Was Killed

Gertjie, a precious baby rhino, was found wandering aimlessly after the poor baby’s mother was killed by poachers.

Gertjie’s life was traumatic from the start. after poachers executed his mother for her horn, he was found lying next to his dead mother’s body.

Because the ordeal was so upsetting, Gertjie can’t fall asleep by himself. He has to have a keeper lie with him until he falls asleep.

When Gertjie was discovered he was only three-months-old and refused to leave his mother’s side.

According to his rescuers, the poor baby rhino was “crying and inconsolable.”  He did not calm down until he was sedated and transported to the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center (HESC). Thanks to the efforts of the rescuers at the HESC, there is hope for Gertjie.

Gertjie is beginning to come out of his shell after months of unconditional love and affection.

The process is slow, but in time, Gertjie will hopefully be able to sleep on his own, without the help of a handler.

Gertjie continues to improve and live a happy rhino life.

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