Special Gifts Given To Homeless People For Their Dogs

Animal rescue group “RSPCA ” were seeking out homeless people and their pets. Many volunteers wandered around the streets to gift them each a special waterproof coat to keep their pet warm all winter. In many of the locations, the temperatures are well below 50F and the RSPCA hopes that these coats will help the dogs keep warm and healthy.

The loving owners will now have one less thing to worry about this winter.

The rescue center workers are constantly on the lookout for any and all homeless people and their pets to give them their special lifesaving gifts!

Each and every time the team found somebody on the streets with a dog, they look the dogs over to be sure they are being well cared for.

One homeless man said: “She’s my ear, she’s my shoulder, she’s my best friend …She’s my protection — she’s everything.”

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