Pit Bull Shot While Searching For Food

Meet Fifty, a pit bull caught scrounging around in someone’s garbage, looking for food. Instead, because he was a pit bull and thought to be dangerous, they opened fire on him.

Unfortunately, pit bulls have the reputation of being feared by almost everyone. Many landlords won’t allow them, and parents won’t even let their kids play with them.

Because of the resulting injuries, FIfty had to have two of his legs amputated.  That was way too much for his owners to handle, and Fifty ended up in a high-kill shelter in Chicago.

Thankfully, Doberman Rescue Plus heard about Fiftystory and rescued him so he could have a better chance at life.

He enjoy the love of several foster homes before he was finally adopted by Kelly Michael, an avid lover of the dog breed.

Because Fifty had only two legs didn’t stop her from falling in love with him. Fifty has special care and physical therapy to help him deal with his disability. He even has his own hind prosthetic to make mobility easier for him.

Now it’s easier for him to run around and play!

And to the person who opened fired at him, you should be ashamed of yourself for shooting such a loving dog!

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