A Little Girl And Her Disabled Dog Share A Bond That’s Being Recognized Worldwide

Echo the Great Dane was almost euthanized as a puppy because she’s blind and deaf. Thankfully, Marion Dwyer stepped in and rescued the neglected pup at 12 weeks old and took her home to the Niagara Falls area in New York.

little girl with disabled dog

It was there that something very special happened. Marion became pregnant, and it was as if Echo knew her future companion was inside her belly. The Great Dane paid so much attention to the baby bump. 🙂

When Jennie was born, Echo took to her immediately. The two became inseparable and did everything together including eating, snuggling, and playing. And when they go on walks, Jennie insists on holding the leash. It was a clip of Jennie walking the Great Dane that took the internet by storm and got their story rolling.

little girl with disabled dog

Because Jennie doesn’t yet speak and Echo is deaf, the friendship is solely based on touch and an emotional connection. The two trust each other to the max, and it shows in everything they do.

This special story deserves all the attention it can get. I’ve never seen such a precious relationship between a little girl and her dog, and it definitely warms the heart to see it. Make sure to pass this one on.

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