Mama Giraffe Waits For Exhausted Newborn Baby To Show Signs Of Life

I can’t begin to imagine what it was like to witness this miracle firsthand.

For the second time in just a few months, a baby giraffe was born at the Memphis Zoo. While she was standing in the giraffe enclosure, Sarabi gave birth to a female calf — and lucky zoo spectators watched in sheer amazement.

My favorite part comes with Sarabi, just moments after delivering her baby, looking down at her newborn. She watches closely to see when she’ll start moving and eventually stand up on her own four legs.

Much to zookeeper Richard Meek’s surprise, the baby began to stand, walk, and the nurse just minutes after she was born. “Giraffes usually stand within an hour of being born,” Meek told “This one stood and started nursing very quickly, so we were very pleased.”

When Sarabi embraces her baby for the first time, the crowd collectively cheers and claps. They know exactly how blessed they are to have been able to witness this incredible birth.

Note: Some viewers may find this video too graphic since it contains the entire birth. But you’re in for something truly breathtaking.

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