They Find A Broken Dog Waiting To Die, But His New Family Refuses To Give Up Hope

It’s hard to believe that anyone could injure a dog like this and then just leave him alone to fend for himself.

Little Alby seemed to have gotten a pretty bad injury to his spine and could barely walk. Whether it be because someone struck him too hard, or even hit him with a car or bike, no matter what the reason one thing is certain: he was left alone to fend for himself and surely die on the streets.

While he certainly went through a lot of trauma and was close to death, little Alby was dealt a lucky hand in his most desperate hour. With his stomach rumbling from lack of food, and his legs totally useless a group of amazing people found him and saw that he was in need of help as soon as possible.

The amazing people at Animal Aid Unlimited worked tirelessly to make sure Alby could find a new home. From the moment they put a blanket over him (to make sure he wouldn’t be scared during his own rescue) to the medical check-up, these men and women did everything they could to save this dog’s life.

And in less than a month Alby is already looking like a million bucks! He has a long way to go, but the fact that he went from certain death to happy and healthy in such a short time really goes to show how important it is to always give animals a second chance!

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