Foal Rejected By Herd, Finds A New Family

Horses like to stay together in herds and look after their young, which is why the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (SRWHMG) was stunned when they discovered a foal that had been kicked out of its herd for no apparent reason.

The leader of the heard was showing aggressive signs of behavior toward the young foal, then separated it physically from its mother.

Volunteers attempted to step in but the horse became violent. The horse proceeded to attempt to kill the young foal, who was too small to fight back.

Luckilly the foal survived the encounter and the herd moved on. The SRWHMG waited and watched for the return of any of its herd, expecting at least the mother to return.

They waited for several hours and none of the herd returned.

The foal was brought to a vet for a medical checkup and only needed to be put on IV fluids for a few days.

The foal was named Rosco and nursed back to health. That was shen they attempted to have Rosco nurse with another mare who had recently lost it’s baby.

The volunteers were happy when it was successful, however he is now in nursing from a milking bottle.

When Rosco is able to care for himself independently, the rescuers will attempt to rehabilitate him back with a group of rescued horses.

Unfortunately, wild horses are not under any sort of governmental protection and hopefully, the story of Rosco will be used to help raise awareness.

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