Farmer Sees Condor Chick Fall From Nest. Months Later, Bird Spots Him And Closes In To Thank Him

Reunions like this one always warm my heart.

When Edgardo saw a tiny condor chick fall from his nest, he knew he had to help. He ended up rescuing the little bird and saving his life. Although it’d been a while, Edgardo decided to return to see the Condor he saved as a chick.

The most unbelievable moment happened the moment their eyes locked.

In the video below, posted on June 13, 2017, the now fully grown condor spots Edgardo and recognizes his childhood savior. The condor then spreads open his massive wings and starts walking toward Edgardo.

“Hello! How are you?” Edgardo asks his condor friend, who clearly never forgot who he was. Edgardo kneels down and takes the large bird into his arms, scratching his head and neck as a greeting.

Edgardo stares at the grown condor, most likely remembering the moment they met, and he just can’t help but smile.

Soon, it seems as if the two were never separated at all. They seem so natural around each other, and the condor seems so comfortable in Edgardo’s arms.

In the end, it’s plain to see that Edgardo and the beautiful bird will always be in each other’s memories and nothing will break their friendship apart.

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