Photo Contest Winner Is Elderly Dog’s Last Run By The Ocean

It is heartbreaking to see our best friends get old and sick, and you have to decide what is best for them.  The best thing we can do is make sure they are happy and comfortable in their final days.

Jessie was a fifteen-year-old dog who was getting on in her senior years. Jessie had two doggy siblings who were much younger than her. Lisa, wanted Jessie’s last days to be fun. So she did what she thought would add the most excitement to Jessie’s day: running on the beach.

Jessie was blind and completely deaf, but that didn’t stop her from running along the wet sands of the beach.

When she was tired, she would flop down on a blanket next to her owner and take a quick nap in the summer sun.

Lisa reached her hand into her pocket for a treat and Jessie always seemed to know when one was coming, and dashed back to get one.

It was then that Lisa snapped this wonderful photo that quickly went viral and even won a contest five months later, but the moment was bittersweet. Jessie stopped eating food and water a month before she was ready to go.

Lisa had to make the unfortunate decision to let Jessie go, and scattered her ashes are now scattered in her favorite place earth, at the Lake District in the UK.

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