These Two Cats Are Traveling The World And Their Adventures Will Inspire You


Aspen is a golden retriever who, alongside his owners, partakes in numerous epic adventures, for a dog, the number of places that Aspen has been and continues to go is truly remarkable, further proving that dogs truly can be a man’s best friend.

But what about their fellow commonly domesticated companions? Yes, I’m referring to cats, the animal that many, including pretty well the entire Collective Evolution team, absolutely love. Could they too serve as an awesome travel companion?

Most would instinctively say no, due in large part to their commonly skittish and inactive lifestyles (not to mention their habit of disobeying commands intentionally), but these two cats are out to show the world otherwise: introducing Bolt and Keel, a pair of once homeless male cats that have now seen and done more than most of us have ever dreamed of.

The duo were initially discovered in some shrubbery behind the garbage bins of a local park. Danielle and Kayleen, the women who found them, brought them to a nearby shelter that unfortunately was closed at the time. Having planned to leave the following day for a canoeing, hiking, and camping trip, the women figured that the best thing to do would be to bring the cats along with them, beginning what would be the first of many adventures.












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