Some Of Our Hockey Players Pets Treating Them To A Lifestyle We’ll Never Know

NHL stars are just like us. They love their pets so much that they make Instagram accounts just for them. In Canada, some of our hockey players pets are treating them to a lifestyle we’ll never know. While their lives are more lavish than ours, they’re so cute that we ain’t even mad. Imagine your every need funded by professional hockey-level paychecks. The doggos on this list live in bigger apartments (and have way more toys) than any of us ever will.

Many of the NHL’s cutest pups even have their own Instagram accounts and are basically influencers. But rather than selling skinny-teas or sugar bear hair gummies, they’re flexing their favorite puppy brands. While the players aren’t on the ice, they’re at home being the best dog dads to their fur babies.Ā Some dogs ride around in cars that cost five times your salary and some dogs are better at accessorizing than us.

Whether you like your Instagram dogs sleek and stylish fluffy and full of goofy personality, you’ll find one on this list that’s living the life you’ve always wanted. Give these dogs a follow because it’s way harder to be jealous of a dog than people on social media.



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Instagram:Ā @gus.frenchie_

Why You Should Know Them: This little french bulldog’s NHL dad Bo Horvat is the captain of the Canucks. Gus is basically a dog influencer at this point.


hockey players pets

Instagram:Ā @enzotheweimar

Why You Should Know Them: My dog rode in my basket on my bike, not in a Porsche. Enzo’s NHL famous owner is Jayson Megna who used to play for the Vancouver Canucks.


Instagram:Ā @rookiethesenspup

Why You Should Know Them: Rookie is one of those influencers who really deserve all the love, fame, and attention. This black lab pup is training to be a guide dog and theĀ Ottawa Senators are taking careĀ of him.



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Why You Should Know Them: Connor McDavid, the captain of the Edmonton Oilers, isĀ dog dadĀ to this adorable bundle of fur. This dog gets to live in a more stylish place than any of us ever will.

Niylah & Huxley


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Instagram:Ā @shaniylahtwain

Why You Should Know Them: Two fancy pooches for the price of one, these dogs get absolutely spoiled by toys from their NHL dog dad, Travis Dermott.



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Why You Should Know Them: Oilers star Leon Draisaitl’s dog could be mistaken for a teddy bear and when he’s not in his dad’s lap, he’s in the lap of luxury.