Hot Texas Hunks Pose With Unloved Dogs To Help Them Find Forever Homes

Dog calendars are just the best; who wouldn’t love having a new puppy picture to look forward to every month?

But when you add a few hunky men in uniform into the picture — well, that sounds like a pretty irresistible set of photos.

Cute guys and cuter dogs make a pretty irresistible combination; just look at the smoking hot firemen and their puppy pals in these pics!

Fortunately, for dog and muscles lovers alike, several Texas men in uniform — firemen, cops, and army vets — have teamed up with local rescue pups to make the most amazing 2017 calendar.

The spread is the brainchild of photographer Ricki Beason, who created the annual calendar to raise money for Texas rescues.

“Heartthrobs and Hound Dogs 2017″ is now available to purchase and features some pretty photogenic subjects on two (and four) legs.

Get a little preview of the photos in the calendar below, we’re sure they will have you running to purchase your own copy to enjoy the new year!

heartthrobs and hounds calendar

Smoking hot firefighters, cops, and military veterans would make for a pretty steamy calendar spread all on their own.

But, when some adorable rescue dogs enter the frame? Too amazing for words — does such a calendar exist?

heartthrobs and hounds calendar

Well, thanks to rescue dog photographer Ricki Beason, it does!

Copies of her calendar “Heartthrobs and Hound Dogs 2017” are now available to purchase!

heartthrobs and hounds calendar

These hot calendar pages are more than just for eye candy — all of the proceeds will go toward several Texas dog rescues.

heartthrobs and hounds calendar

All of the amazing models (the dog models, that is) were also available to adopt during the photo shoots and many have found homes since then.

heartthrobs and hounds calendar

“The main [goal] is to put a spotlight on rescue dogs and to show they are just as amazing as any other dog and they’re just as beautiful and just as loving,” Beason explained to Huffington Post.

“It’s also to put a spotlight on our police officers and our veterans and our firefighters who are serving our country and our cities. And they take the little time that they have to support a cause like this.”

heartthrobs and hounds calendar

Apparently the scene set was just as fun as the photos make them look — every single model was a big doggie lover!

So there were plenty of cuddles and pets to be had in between photos.

heartthrobs and hounds calendar

More information on purchasing calendars can be found here and calendars will begin to ship September 10.

So if you want to enjoy the heartthrobs and hound dogs yourself, while donating to a great cause, grab a copy for yourself!

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