Officers Look Into Parked Car On Hot Day, Then Smash Window To Free Tiny Puppy Locked Inside

If the video below can teach us anything, it’s that the heroic officers of the Pensacola Police Department in Florida don’t play any games when it comes to animal treatment and safety.

The outdoor temperature was a hot 94 degrees when the event in the video below occurred.

Captain Stephen Davis of the Pensacola Police Department told ABC News that the heat index was at 108 degrees, meaning that it must have been between 140 and 160 degrees within the car featured in the clip.

Imagine that kind of heat, and now imagine someone so heartless that they would leave their tiny puppy inside the car.

Officer Anthony Giorgio heard the puppy whimpering from a parked car at the Cordova Mall.

He didn’t hesitate — he took his baton and shattered the glass window.

Officer Giorgio rescued the puppy, while concerned bystanders offered the poor baby water to cool off.

How could someone do such a thing?

The ordeal forced the Pensacola Police Department to post a strong warning on their Facebook page. So far, it has received tens of thousands of likes and shares.

“Don’t. Just don’t. If you leave your dog in a hot car and that dog is suffering, we will do whatever we have to do to free him,” the post’s caption read.

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