Meet This Adorable Hairless Pug

When people encounter Dorothy for the first time, they are often taken aback by how adorably lovely she is – and that’s because Dorothy is a hairless pug.

hairless pug

“My favorite thing in the world is people seeing her and reacting,” Micah Williams, Dorothy’s mom, said. “It’s either pure horror or instant adoration.”

Dorothy does not suffer from any kind of skin condition. Unfortunately, her baldness won’t go away anytime soon. They wouldn’t change a thing about their daughter because she was born this way.

Although Dorothy is clearly a pug crossed with a hairless breed, her ancestry is still a complete mystery.

hairless pug

“We got a dog DNA test and we got 87.5 percent pug [and] 13 percent terrier or other, so no answer there,” Williams said.

Her family loves her as she stands, and she doesn’t have to wear a lot of clothing when it’s cold because she doesn’t have any hair.

hairless pug

“When I got her, we lived in Phoenix, so we didn’t have to worry too much about clothing,” Williams said. “However, we moved to Chicago about eight years ago, so [she] requires copious amounts of sweaters, dog onesies, and puffy coats in the winter.”

Aside from her gorgeous bald head, Dorothy is a typical pug in appearance and personality. She’s always irritated even when she isn’t, she’s a huge fan of munchies, and she’s a total love bug in general.

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“Despite the looks on her face, she is the sweetest dog ever,” Williams said. “She loves to snort, snuggle, eat and sleep — apparently she got the full pug personality!”

Because she’s distinct from most other pugs, Dorothy is truly one of a kind. When Dorothy is out and about, she gets a lot of attention, which is excellent for her.

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