Meet Pip The Pup, Who Is Currently The Smallest Dog In The U.K.


Meet the smallest and the loveliest dog in the U.K., Pip of England. She is merely 16 weeks in this picture!


Her brothers are twice her size! England’s current smallest and cute dog Pip has a cleft palate, is 4 inches in height and weighs slightly more than a pound.


Joanne Astley recalls how stunned she was when Pip was born. But when several pneumonia attacks happened, Pip’s perseverance inspired her to stay strong and hope. Truly a wise little pup.


Whenever Joanne takes Pip out for walks, people always stare, come up to her and take pictures with Pip. Some have even asked her if they could pet Pip… so that they can confirm that she wasn’t a toy!


Guinness World Records holds Milly a 3.8-inch Chihuahua as the smallest dog and Brandy being the most petite dog in the world! And, Pip is now one of them special dogs in the world!


Even through her terrible pneumonia attacks, Pip has stayed strong … battling her life with everything she can. Pip’s doctors say that her stunted growth is an after effect of the growth issues of her innards, which is only manageable to the brave Pip!


If Pip was a stray, there was very little chance that she would have survived. 


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