100+ Clever Funny Horse Names 2024

Funny horse namesIf you’re a horse lover, then you know that coming up with a good name for your steed can be tricky. But never fear, because we’ve got the perfect solution. Check out our list of 100+ clever, funny horse names, and you’re sure to find the perfect moniker for your four-legged friend. So saddle up and get ready to laugh!

Please keep in mind that everyone’s sense of humor is unique. So be sure to get a second opinion from family, friends, and your trainer before submitting any paperwork.

Here are some funny horse names around to get you started.

List of Funny Horse Names

Edgar Allen Pony
Fatty McButterpants
Bling 182
Boom Boom Bay Be
Forrest Jump
Fraidy Cat
Frosted Flake
Gluteus Maximus
Go Go Gadget
Got Hay
Al Capony
Alimony Pony
All Daddy’s Money
Fifty Bales of Hay
Biscotti the Hottie
Biscuit Eater
Biscuits with Ham
Bitney Spurs
An App for That (for an Appy)

And I’m Worth It
Ask Him (What’s Your Horse’s Name?)
Bill Shut
Dennis the Menace
Divorce Settlement
Don’t Bar Gin
Dot Com
Dapple Ganger
Fiscal Impact
Dotley Crew (for an Appaloosa)
Buck Buck Goose
BuckleUp Buttercup
Burnt Tostada
Can Jump
Cat Sass (say it fast)
Chester Drawers
Chopped Liver
Daddy Said NO

funny horse names

Honey Bunches of Oats
Hoof Hearted
Hoosier Daddy
Harry Trotter
Hay Neighbor
Hay There
Heinz 57
High Maintenance
Horsey McHorseFace
I Don’t Know, Ask Him (What’s Your Horse’s Name?)
Instead of Homework
It’s Only Money Honey
Huge Ackman (Hugh Jackman)
Ice Melted
Late for Dinner
Later Tater
Lazy Potato
Mane Attraction
Mane Event
Maple Stirrup

funny horse names

Miss Bee Havin
Legendary Boysenberry
Liam Neighson
Justin Thyme
Kate Winsalot
Kiss My Asterisk
Knead the Dough
L on Wheels
Lucy Goosey
Making History
More Cowbell
National Debt
Neigh Sayer
Never Home
Night Mare
No Soup For You (for the Seinfeld fans)
Odor in the Court
Oh She Hit
Peanuts Envy

funny horse names

Pickled Pink
Pocket Rocket
Polka Dottie (for an Appaloosa)
Pony Montana
Pony of my Ownie
Pony Soprano
Sparkling Lettuce
Spongebob Horsepants
Squirtle the Turtle
Princess Fluffy
Puffed Marshmallow
Rata Tat Kat
Ricky Bobby
Scottie Too Hottie
Mount Whinney
Mr. McWhinney
My Allowance
Nacho Salad
Pima Pants
Second Mortgage

funny horse names

Secretariat Haven Farms (Secretary At Haven Farms)
Sent Ore
Sgt Wreckless
Shoulda Been First (3rd place goes to “Shoulda Been First”)
Sir Tater Tot
Sofa Can Fast (say it fast)
Sofa Can Slow
Somebunny Loves Me
Thanks Dad
That’s What She Said
The Biggest Loser
The Blonde Lifeguard
Third Times a Charm
Tommy Haflinger
Tweedle Dee
Talk Derby to Me
Tater Trot
Tax Return
Wholy Sheet
Will Jump for Food

funny horse names

Will Run for Food
Zero Percent Interest
Twenty Four K
Two Buck Chuck
Unitasker (for a horse that is only good at one thing)
Usain Colt
User Friendly
Victorias Secret
Wee Biscuit
Where’s The Beef

Sometimes you need to consider how the announcement will sound when it is read aloud. “This is [rider name] on [funny horse name]” or “This is [rider name] riding [funny horse name].”
I’ve compiled a list of 30+ ideas for you to get started!

Her Paycheck
In the Buff
A Real Dragon
Darn Well
For Charity
For the Fun
A Bay Mare (use on any color horse…for fun)
A Bucker
A Champion
A Harley
Not Bad for a (insert noun) i.e. “Not Bad for a Pony”
On Air
The Obvious Winner
For the Last Time
A Horse For Sale (for your project horse)
All Alone
Her (or His) Midlife Crisis
In the Nude
Into Victory

funny horse names

With the Wind
With Grace
With Intention
While Neigh Kid
With Confusion
With No Fear
Your Next Champion (for a horse for sale)
Whatser Name
Without A Clue
With Perseverance


If you are in the market for a new horse name and want something that is creative, unique, and fun, please consider some of the names on this list. I have put together more than 100 options for you to choose from, so there is sure to be something that fits your personality and style. Remember, when it comes to naming horses, the sky is the limit!