Burn Victim Meets Orangutan At Zoo, Can’t Believe When He Points At The Scars On Her Arm

In 2015, Darci Miller suffered terrible burns on her body. Since then, she’s healed and had multiple surgeries, but there’s still some burn scarring. She said that being a burn survivor “has its ups and downs,” but a trip to the zoo left an amazing impression on her — it reminded her how good it felt to be in her skin.

Darci and her fiancé, Jason Costello, went to a zoo in Putnam County, Indiana, where they encountered Rocky the orangutan.

According to an employee of the zoo, Rocky is known for his curiosity!

And the moment Darci got close to the glass, that curiosity showed through!

To everyone’s surprise, Rocky’s eyes widened when he saw Darci’s bandages from a recent surgery to address her burns.

Then he started asking to see the burns.

Very calmly, the orangutan kept pointing at one bandage after another, and when Darci obliged, he pressed up against the glass to see!

As you’ll see in the video, the orangutan’s interest and curiosity were extremely palpable!

“Is this normal?” someone asked off camera.

A zoo employee quickly assured her that Rocky was always ready to assuage his curiosity!

And the more and more Darci showed off her burns to the orangutan, the more heartwarming the moment became!

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