You Can’t Believe How These Dolphins Save A Dog From Drowning In Florida Canal

Dolphins are one of the smartest animal species on Earth, and their brain size compared to the average of their body size is second only to humans.

These amazing creatures have been known to imitate human actions, solve complex problems, follow recipes, and respond positively to television by expressing curiosity when moving images were displayed on a device. Scientists have found that they can create personalized whistles that act as names for individual members of a pod. 

However, beyond all of this, an experiment conducted by Diana Reiss and Lori Marino showed that dolphins are self-aware, which is a sign of higher intelligence. 

Moreover, they also demonstrate empathy towards humans and other animals when they need help, like in the case of an 11-year-old Doberman, named Turbo. Two of these amazing creatures are being credited with saving a lost dog on Marco Island, Fla, that escaped from the yard of owner Cindy Burnett in 2011.

The dog ended up dog-paddling in a nearby canal and had been missing for 15 hours when two dolphins alerted the neighbors to its struggle in the water by swimming with Turbo and splashing loudly.

Turbo was eventually pulled to safety with the help of firefighters. Fortunately, the amazing story had a happy ending, and Burnett understandably called the dolphin-aided rescue “a miracle.”

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