Shelter Creates Replica Of Cozy Living Room To Comfort Rescued Dogs

Shelter life can sometimes be rather stressful for dogs, especially if they are stuck in their kennels all day long.

Although they’re safe, taken care of by kind staff members, and awaiting adoption, it can be tough for dogs to be locked up with no comforts of home in sight.

Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing staffers and volunteers that go above and beyond to make sure that their four-legged friends are comfortable, like this staff member who refused to leave a dog’s kennel until it was adopted.

The Toledo Area Humane Society also took extra measures to help out their shelter dogs, creating a cool replica of a comfy living room for them to relax in.

This room looks like it was plucked straight out of a forever home and allows the dogs to lounge and destress away from their kennels.

Check below to learn more about this cool idea, that is also getting the dogs adopted faster.

animal shelter creates living room for dogs

While dogs are in animal shelters waiting to be adopted, there is a good chance that they are spending a lot of time in crowded kennels.

But the Toledo Area Humane Society has created a cool new way for dogs to feel safe and comfortable while they wait to meet their future owners.

animal shelter creates living room for dogs

Their “Real Life Room” is a space where adoptable dogs can relax — and it looks like an actual living room!

It has a cozy rug, a comfy recliner, a lamp, and a television.

animal shelter creates living room for dogs

Space was converted from an old office and is a great resource for dogs that have a difficult time being social while spending so much time in cages.

“One of the best things is the lamp we put in there. That means we can turn off the fluorescent lights and have more soothing lighting in the room,” explained a staffer to the Dodo.

animal shelter creates living room for dogs

They can either relax by themselves or with a volunteer so that they don’t get too anxious.

It also allows them to see how the dogs will react to a new environment once they are adopted.

animal shelter creates living room for dogs

It has also already proven to be a great resource for getting the dogs adopted.

“We’ve had several animals that had just been in there, then got adopted shortly after walking out,” explained the staffer. “It’s amazing. We’re so happy to have this room.”

animal shelter creates living room for dogs

This cool concept proves that dogs respond directly to their environment.

Maybe someday every shelter will have room to remind dogs that a forever home is around the corner.

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