Truck Driver Saves A Puppy Thrown Into A Dumpster Fire

While a truck driver was driving along a Minnesotan road one night when he came across a dumpster fire. He rushed over to the bin and heard a puppy yelping inside. That’s when he dove in to rescue the pup and suffered burns on his own hands, but he managed to pull the puppy out.

He immediately took the puppy to a rescue clinic. The doctors were worried when they saw half of the pup’s fur was burned. The vet’s had to shave him to see how badly his skin was damaged and to get to some of the burns.

The veterinarians knew this was intentional because the dog was soaked with fuel. If the truck driver did not save him, the dog, named Phoenix, would have burned to death.

Even when he needed to have a surgery, Phoenix never gave up hope.

He is on the road to recovery and thankfully, the skin grafts went well.

He is looking better every day, and with a lot of sleep and relaxation,  he should be able to find a forever home worthy of this miracle dog.

He is the inspiration at the shelter, while foster families and internet readers alike are following his story. With his determination and his adorable good looks, we are sure he will be adopted once he is healed.

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