Severely Abused Puppy Perks Up When His Rescuer Comes To Visit Him

Joey Wagner, the creator of a non-profit animal rescue organization located in Nova Scotia, was used to seeing animals in terrible condition. However, when he met the puppy in this video, his heart broke into a million pieces.

Joey heard about the case of a three-month-old pit bull puppy who was being kept in a very abusive home. This poor puppy suffered from a severe case of mange, and had a ton of bruises, all over his tiny body.

Wagner immediately brought him to an animal hospital in town. After a while, his bruises began to heal, but his emotional wounds were still wide open.

The puppy, who was named Mojo, began to heal had hundreds of adoption requests pouring in. The problem was, due to the severity of his condition, the animal center couldn’t just let anyone adopt him.

Finally, Mojo was ready to leave the vet and go home with his new owner. Mojo was then brought out to his new owner, Joey Wagner, his rescuer and life saver.

Mojo now is a happy and healthy pup, with an incredible owner, and a loving and forever home!

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