Starving Dog On The Brink Of Death Escapes Through Window To Save Himself

In Whitesville, New York, Ace a 6-year-old blue-nose pit bull, was starving to death. Ace smashed through the window as if trying to get help. He wasn’t jumping to be aggressive, he jumped out to save his own life.

When the neighbors ran to the dog, they also went to Ace’s home and found another dog, named Mooch lying lifeless on the ground. Mooch could not even lift his head and the dogs only source of food were two unopened cans of dog food.

The poor dog’s teeth marks were found on the can. He must have broken his tooth trying to get to the food. There was water in the bathtub, and someone had been at the trailer and swept up, but the dogs were left to starve to death.

Eugenio N. Charles III, 28, has been charged with felony aggravated cruelty to animals by SPCA investigators. Charles also faces two counts of misdemeanor overdriving, failure to provide proper sustenance, and injuring and torturing animals. The Good Samaritans called for help. Dr. Thomas Lopez at the Wellsville Veterinarian saw both dogs and said Mooch weighed only 26.7 pounds and should have weighed about 60.

Both dogs are now recovering and are affectionate and friendly. For foster and adoption applications visit You can follow the dog’s progress on the SPCA Allegany Facebook page.

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