Elderly Donkey Was Placed In A Wolf’s Pen When The Unexpected Happened

In the far-off country of Albania, in a small mountain village, the locals managed to capture a live wolf and wanted to keep it.

They knew it would need to be fed, so the plan was devised to put an old donkey in the pen with a wolf, but they were shocked at what happened later.

The wolf waited and watched the donkey. And not long after, the two approached each other and cuddled!  That’s right, the two became the best of friends!

The pair were truly bonded. while the tale spread so far and so fast that it created a hype that even the Albania government had to check into.

When the government stepped in, they released the wolf back into the wild. This was because the government didn’t want the wolf to have a change of heart.

The donkey was transferred to a new, grassy field to live out his time in peace. The townspeople said they saw the wolf come down and visit with the donkey, even getting in some cuddles.

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