Reasons Why Our Pet Cats Rule The World

Cats are inherently unique and mystical. They are creatures that are set apart from the other animals that we consider as pets.

They are born with innate abilities in gymnastics and agility. They are pretty good at hiding, no matter where they are.

Felines have no problem taking whatever they want, no matter who it belongs to.


Cats can sometimes be contortionists and masters at hiding in tiny places. They can mold and shape their bodies to fit into any space they need, most times with very amusing results.


They love boxes of any shape and we enjoy the view of watching them climb inside. Forget fancy cat beds, just a regular box will do.

The laws of physics does not seem to apply to cats. They  find a way to defy the natural order of things when it comes to finding a good roost in a tree.

They are fast learners when it comes to getting to where they need to go. They don’t have to wait for their masters to open doors, they do it themselves.

And cats are fearless when it comes to their fur siblings. Cats could not care less about whose bed it is they’re sleeping in, as long as they are comfortable.

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