After Distressing Plea On Facebook, People Volunteer At This Animal Shelter

Recently floods swept through Texas and left lives turned upside down in their wake. Entire homes were swept away, as well as cars. While people were faced with the threat of losing everything, the people of Texas banded together to not only help each other but also helped the animals that were affected by the storm as well.

Many animals were caught up in the storm and separated from their families or had to be left behind in a rush to escape the flood.  The homeless animals were in danger. Austin Pets Alive!  is one of the best shelters in Austin, was facing flooding and sent out a desperate message on face book. The response to their post was overwhelming. People lined the street in rain boots and the crowd stretched out the door and into the parking lot.

So many people were there that the animal shelter posted later that they had met their foster home, laundry, and food donation needs for the entire storm!


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