Cameraman Cannot Hold Back His Laughter While Filming Horse Trainer

Cameraman Greg Harriott was filming an interview with a breeder in a horse stable when he got a huge surprise. In a ranch near Santiago, Chile, Greg Harriott was aware that he would be filming among horses, but what happened while he was doing so is hilarious.

Because he is a professional cameraman, when the interview was ready to take place, he positioned himself to stand in order to get the perfect lighting. The focus was on the horse breeder for the show “Born to Explore with Richard Wiese.”

Greg, ready for action, turned the camera turned on, but as soon as he did, he was interrupted by the horse that stood behind him. He did not want to interrupt the production, but the playful horse would not stop trying to chew on his ear.

Watch Greg try not to laugh at the hilarious video below!

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