Son Surprises His 102-Year-Old Mom With A Special Trip

Ian, a 102-year-old woman, found companionship with her beloved cat. Unfortunately, her cat passed away leaving her more lonely than ever. Her son was so sad to see his mother like that, so he came up with a plan to cheer her up.

He asked Iona to come with him on a surprise trip; to the animal shelter. He thought that if his mother could find a new furry friend, it would be a win-win, he would also be giving a needy pet a happy home.

Iona walked into the shelter wide-eyed and headed straight for the cat room. When she saw a sweet little cat named Edward, he ran right toward her and snuggled up next to her! Iona’s smile lit right up!

It could not have been a better match!

At first, the shelter workers were concerned that Iona is too old to adopt Edward, but her son assured the staff that Edward will always have a home.

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