Teenagers Risk Their Lives To Save Drowning Kitten

While three teenagers were taking a leisurely stroll along the Hutt River in New Zealand, they saw a tiny kitten crying while hanging onto a floating log moving downstream. The teens, Sarah, Lily, and David, jumped into action. David jumped in the river to save the kitten and Sarah and Lily wrapped the poor kitty in a hoody.

The trio immediately took the poor baby to Kitten Inn for a second chance to live. The teens actually walked 4 kilometers to bring the kitten to Kitten Inn.

Once at the Kitten Inn, they told them that they kept her warm, fed her something and hoped the Kitten Inn will give her a good life.

The kitten, later named Woody. The teens were congratulated on their bravery. As for Woody, he got a new mommy!

Woody joined his very own furry family once he was at the shelter.

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