This Cat Waits For The Mailman Every Day. Watch What Happens When He Finally Arrives…

While most mailmen worry about getting attacked by dogs, one mail carrier faces the claws of an angry (or playful) cat when he heads on out his route. In the video below, you can see the cat watching the mail slot before attacking the mail as it dumps into the house. It takes several attempts before the  carrier is able to get the mail into the slot as the cat continually swipes with its paws.

“Through play, they develop the coordination and timing needed to successfully capture their target. They learn to adjust their speed to the speed of moving objects. They learn to gauge distance by pouncing,” according to Perfect Paws. 
Because cats are natural predators, they may attack anything that moves if they aren’t given the chance to “hunt,” according to Perfect Paws. You can help reign in their attacks by playing with your cat and purchasing balls and other toys that move for them to play with. 

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