Discover What Do Capybaras Eat: 3 Safe Feeding Tips

Hello, fellow capybara enthusiasts! Today, I am excited to share my guide on the diet and feeding habits of these adorable creatures. Capybaras, known for their sociable nature and unique appearance, have a diverse taste when it comes to food. Whether you are a capybara owner or simply curious about these fascinating animals, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about what they eat and how to keep them happy and healthy. So, what do capybaras eat?

One of the most beloved foods in a capybara’s diet is cabbage. These friendly creatures simply can’t resist the crunchy leaves and fresh taste of this leafy green vegetable. In addition to cabbage, capybaras also enjoy yams and bamboo. These food choices offer a balanced mix of nutrients that are essential for their overall health and well-being.

Capybaras come in various color variants, adding to their charm and diversity. You can find capybaras in beautiful hues such as black and white, blue striped, classic brown, gray spotted, and red and white. These color variations make each capybara encounter a unique and captivating experience.

If you are lucky enough to be in Eternity Isle, you can spot capybaras in different locations. The Promenade, The Grove, The Grasslands, and The Lagoon are just some of the places where you can find these delightful creatures roaming around, enjoying their favorite foods and the serene surroundings.

What Do Capybaras Eat

  • Capybaras love to eat cabbage, yams, and bamboo.
  • They come in various color variants, including black and white, blue striped, classic brown, gray spotted, and red and white.
  • Capybaras can be found in different locations in Eternity Isle, such as The Promenade, The Grove, The Grasslands, and The Lagoon.

Capybara Feeding Habits and Preferences

Capybaras, like myself, are herbivores who rely on vegetation for our nutrition. Our favorite food happens to be cabbage, a delicious leafy green that can be easily obtained at Goofy’s Stalls in various locations across Eternity Isle. We also have a keen taste for yams and bamboo, which provide us with variety in our meals. Feeding a Capybara its favorite food, such as cabbage, not only satisfies our taste buds but also presents a small chance of receiving a special reward in the form of a Motif.

If you aspire to become companions with Capybaras like me, you’ll need to make sure we’re well-fed. This means feeding us twice a day for several days. Each Capybara variant, including the black and white, blue striped, classic brown, gray spotted, and red and white varieties, has its own preferred location on Eternity Isle. You can find us Capybaras in places like The Promenade, The Grove, The Grasslands, and The Lagoon. Pay us a visit in our preferred habitats, and we’ll gladly enjoy our meals with you.

Remember, as Capybaras, we have particular feeding habits and preferences. By providing us with our favorite foods, adjusting to our schedules, and coming to our preferred locations, you can enjoy the rewarding experience of befriending and becoming companions with these charming creatures.

Capybara feeding habits

Where to Find Capybaras and Their Favorite Food

Capybaras, these adorable and friendly creatures, can be found in various locations throughout Eternity Isle. If you’re eager to spot them and discover their favorite food, look no further. Let me guide you to their habitats and reveal their delectable preference.

The Promenade

The Promenade is one of the prime locations to encounter capybaras. Here, you can witness the charm of the black and white capybara variant. Keep your eyes peeled for these delightful creatures as they frolic near the water’s edge.

The Grove

Another enchanting place where capybaras reside is The Grove. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while observing the blue striped capybaras in their natural habitat. Their striking appearance is a treat for the eyes.

The Grasslands

If you venture into The Grasslands, you’ll be rewarded with the sight of the classic brown capybara variant. These capybaras blend perfectly with the golden hues of the grass, creating a picturesque scene that is sure to leave you in awe.

The Lagoon

Prepare to be captivated by the gray spotted and red and white capybara variants in The Lagoon. These vibrant and colorful capybaras enjoy the serene atmosphere surrounding the water. Take a moment to observe their playful behavior and unique appearances.

Now that you know where to find capybaras, let’s talk about their favorite food. It’s no secret that bamboo holds a special place in their hearts. To cater to their taste buds, simply offer them bamboo, their ultimate delight.

Approach capybaras with kindness and patience, and they will gladly accept your bamboo offerings. By feeding them multiple times, you can establish a bond and make them your loyal companions. As a bonus, earning Dream Shards along the way will make your journey even more rewarding.

Capybara Feeding Schedule and Tips

Feeding capybaras is an essential part of their care routine. To ensure their well-being and increase your chances of befriending these adorable creatures, it’s important to follow a proper feeding schedule and keep a few tips in mind.

Feeding Schedule

Capybaras should be fed once a day with their favorite food. This regular feeding routine helps maintain their nutritional needs and keeps them satisfied. Make sure to allocate a specific time each day for feeding your capybara.

Tips for Feeding Capybaras

  • Choose bamboo as their main food source. Feeding capybaras bamboo not only provides the necessary nutrients but also increases the likelihood of earning Dream Shards.
  • Capybaras are not shy animals, so you can approach them directly to feed them. This allows for a more personal interaction and helps build a bond with your capybara.
  • If you’re looking to expedite the process of making a capybara a companion, it’s advisable to return to their habitat in the Wild Tangle with enough bamboo every day. This consistency can accelerate the friendship-building process.

Following a proper feeding schedule and implementing these feeding tips will contribute to the well-being of your capybara companion. Remember to prioritize their favorite food, approach them directly with kindness, and remain consistent in your efforts.

Capybara feeding schedule and tips


Capybaras, with their varied diet, exhibit interesting feeding habits and meal preferences. While they consume a diverse range of food, cabbage holds a special place in their hearts. These herbivores also enjoy yams and bamboo as part of their diet. When offering capybaras their favorite food, they may reward you with a unique Motif.

Found in various locations across Eternity Isle, capybaras come in different color variants, including black and white, blue striped, classic brown, gray spotted, and red and white. To befriend and nurture these delightful creatures, it’s crucial to feed them their preferred meal. Feeding capybaras bamboo multiple times can lead to a closer bond and the possibility of making them your cherished companion.

Remember, when approaching capybaras, being direct and offering them their preferred food once a day is key. Not only does this routine help develop a stronger connection, but it also allows you to earn valuable Dream Shards. So, head out to their habitats in The Promenade, The Grove, The Grasslands, or The Lagoon, armed with bamboo to attract these gentle creatures and unlock the wonders they have in store.