Volunteers Risked Their Lives Trying To Rescue Giraffe

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, on a private game reserve, a massive bull giraffe, the largest of the male giraffes, managed to get wire stuck around its neck. The wire was close to choking the giraffe and the reserve employees were concerned it would end up killing the giraffe. That’s when Neil Parsons assembled a rescue team.

Parsons was joined by 10 other men when they first shot the giraffe with a tranquilizer dart. Parsons described the incident: “Giraffes are one of the harder species to catch. They are easy to dart but to get them down without dying is a challenge. The whole process took around 15 minutes.”

“The giraffe is now fine, he had joined up with his females before we left the farm. It was a huge relief when we had the ball in hand and he was breathing normally!”

Although it was a risky maneuver, Parsons said it was necessary: “It had wire wrapped around its neck which was constricting but hadn’t cut into the flesh yet if it was left longer it probably would have cut into the neck and eventually killed the giraffe.”

Once the giraffe is shot with the tranquilizer dart, the men surround it, holding a rope which is used to trip up the huge animal and bring it to the ground so the men may cut the wire that is threatening the giraffe’s life!

Watch the extraordinary video below to see the story of the captivating encounter.

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